Recommended Setups for Dental Photography

Panasonic Lumix GX-85

The all-around team player camera.


Custom memory for easy presets

Small size

Low price


Resolution is very good, but there are better

Skin tones good, but not great

No external microphone jack for video

Lens recommendations

Olympus 60mm f/2.8 macro - 1/4th the size of a standard SLR macro lens, and still just as sharp.  120mm equivalent view due to sensor crop.  MAP is usually $399.  It has been seen on sale for $349 and occasionally $299.  

Recommended flash for diVUser

Panasonic FL-200L - a small, short flash with pivot for ceiling bounce and LED for video lighting.  Recycling and battery life are middling, but it's the best option for this setup.  MAP is $230.  diVUser is $130

Recommended twin flash

Olympus STF-8 - this is a very compact, yet very capable twin flash.   The included diffusers are pretty good.  MAP is around $480

We do not recommend ring lights, but if you must, the Metz 15210 Macroslave 15ms-1 would work if you find a flash commander.  Mine is out of production.